Welcome to my personal blog, I'll post feels, ideas, art and just overall nerdy shit here.

I like art, sociology, feminism, games, sci-fi and theology.

I'm agender, white, pansexual, swedish and transhumanist and want to work as a christian deacon some day. Maybe.

I don't do followbacks, if I follow you it is because you're cool not because I am begging for follows.

I hope we can get along with each other!

Feel free to drop me a request every now and then, drawing stuff for others is fun :)

I prefer neutral pronouns. Thank you.



reblog this if you are a sack of flesh with temporary consciousness on a tiny rock flying through space


Latest round of doodle commissions! I have been a MACHINE lately!


Minimum for a bust is $15

Minimum for full body is $25

You can either pay the minimum, or whatever you want above it! The more you pay, the more time I’ll take with your doodle! Minimum price doodles will be basic, and quicker. Higher paid doodles will be more involved. More detailed, more time taken, possible toning, maybe on toned paper, maybe toning, maybe color, WHO KNOWS.


Paypal me! Literally just, SEND ME A PAYPAL PAYMENT. Please include up to 3 visual references (no more than three, no links to galleries please) of whatever character you’d like for your doodle in the comments with your payment. A short description is acceptable as well. Once you pay, you are all set! I will take down this post when I am closed. You don’t need to ask before sending payment so long as this is up :3

ALSO - if you would prefer no nudity, please let me know with your references! You can also REQUEST nudity, or if you’d like your doodle to be on the erotic/suggestive side, you can let me know that too :3

No specific pose requests please - these are kind of, gimme your character and let me go nuts with it kind of a thing :3

ALRIGHT! Thanks everyone! My paypal is:

savicorn AT gmail DOT com

Today I am proud of!

1. Sorted all this junkassmail.

2. Only bought a cheap pizza for dinner =u=

3. kept my windows open almost all day, letting in some fresh air here =u=

I’m in a RP in Champions Online atm, and GM is having us fight a plethora of augumented meta animals.

like a super speed chicken and a psychic pig.

right now we’re fighting a sonic-concussion rooster.

and the cock jokes are raining all over.



PSA: If an artist charges you a flat rate for a commission, tipping is definitely a thing you can do to even out the price if you think they should be charging more. Or it could just be a favor for the artist. Either way, it is always greatly appreciated.




how do u even start dating your crush how does that happen to someone

Go up to them

Press A

Open inventory

Select Chocolate

Select Gift

Repeat as necessary


has anyone noticed how MRAs and other anti-feminists call basically any feminist they disagree with a radical feminist, even when they aren’t a radfem

Anonymous asked
New nick name for gentaro is Kamen rider jesus